Cooking with Cannabis - The Bi Bong Babe Reviews The Heightened Chef Dinner Party

Dinner Party Infused

Have you ever asked Canna Try Dat? to infusing your favourite foods with cannabis? I couldn't pass up on taking part in Episode 508 of The Heightened Chef Dinner Party (take home version) "1001 Arabian Nights." I'm a big fan of Middle Eastern Cuisine - and infused foods of course! 

The Heightened Chef team has been doing their thing since 2017 (Real OGs!). I have cooked with and enjoyed so many of their products in the past and frequently use their "Mari Peri" THC sauce to spice things up a bit. I also added some on top of this meal - I love the heat! 

How cool is The Heightened Chef for hosting a monthly infused dinner?! This used to be an in person event, and I can't wait to be able to enjoy each others good vibes again soon! But I have to applaud The Heightened Chef and VanishPoint productions for quickly adapting to covid restrictions back in 2020 and turning this to an at home dinner party providing guests with cooking instructions and delicious meals mostly prepared for guests in convenient to-go containers. The at home party also came with a Zoom Link for us all to join with endless entertainment from DJ's to singers and dancers and vendor spot light interviews. During Episode 508 I got to talk about our brand Canna Try Dat and our point of view for creating our clothing and merchandise. I always love this portion to be able to hear what everyone has going on and what they are working on to continue the positivity around incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle and passions. 

So without further delay... Here's my little review on the 3 course infused Middle Eastern meal Body Buzz and I Enjoyed! 

Course 1: Falafel with infused garlic hummus dip
OKOKOK - This hummus was the perfect smooth texture and garlicy-ness! I dipped the flavourful falafels in the infused hummus but also the infused cucumber yogurt I definitely got off to a stoney start!

I cooked the falafel in the air-fryer so they got nice and crispy on the outside but stayed soft and moist on the inside. - Super delicious and the portion was so filling so it also made for lunch the next day! 

Course 2:
Meat Option (Buzz Loved!) - Middle Eastern Chicken kebabs marinated for 24 hours on top of a golden saffron rice pilaf, batata harra, with an infused cucumber yogurt sauce

Vegetarian Option (Was So Delicious!) - more falafel and vegan "keftedakia" meatballs, grilled vegetables, golden saffron rice pilaf, batata harra, with an infused cucumber yogurt sauce

The most memorable part of course 2 for me was the spicy batata harra (potatoes) which also tasted delicious with the hummus! The char flavour on the vegetables also was so delicious and even after reheating that flavour gave the sense of being together with fresh veggies straight off of the grill. Super solid main course with all the flavour profiles to keep us going back for bite after bite!

Course 3: Baklava with infused pomegranate blueberry sauce
Full disclosure - I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth and this baklava did NOT disappoint! I think a great dessert is the best finale to a great dinner party. Packaged perfectly with the pomegranate blueberry sauce on the side I tried to make a professional looking drizzle on my plate but then remembered the sauce is infused and wanted all of it so haha - no regrets! An amazing combination of sweetness, tartness and flakey pastry. I WANT MORE!

Infused Signature Cocktail: Pomegranate Rose Lime Cooler
In addition to our infused meal we got an infused beverage to top things off. There was a nice combination of tartness from the pomegranate and floral notes from the Rose. 

The total meal including the cocktail was infused with 125mg THC (plus the little bit more I had with adding the infused Mari Peri hot sauce) I definitely felt a buzz and was hard to keep my eyes open during our interview segment! I always love the sleep I have after edibles so after having some good laughs and sharing some bong tokes it was off to dream land and a good nights sleep. 

Be sure to follow The Heightened Chef and VanishPoint Productions instagram accounts so you don't miss out on the next Infused Dinner Party! I'll be sure to be there and can't wait to do a review again when we are back to in person events!